Ruben Schulte (PhD)

Ruben Schulte is a PhD student in the Meteorology and Air Quality group at Wageningen University, working in close collaboration with the Dutch National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM). He studies atmospheric ammonia (NH3), which plays an important role in the performance of vegetation through nitrification of the soils. Combining observations with models, the research focusses on the diurnal variability of NH3 and dry deposition, and short range dispersion, while incorporating all relevant scales (stomatal exchange to boundary layer growth) and processes (turbulent transport to aerosol formation). As part of the Ruysdael Observatory project, Ruben is sets up an NH3 virtual laboratory using large-eddy simulations for high resolution experiments at the 10-100 meter scale for domains up to 100 km. ( He is a PhD affiliated to CloudRoots.