Moving up in the spatial scales, CloudRoots focuses on the landscape to study the effect of surface heterogeneity on the surface exchange fluxes and their impact on the boundary-layer dynamics. The landscape scale (the sub-kilometers scales) are still not well-resolved in weather and climate models. By measuring and simulating turbulent flux measurements of the carbon dioxide and water vapor stable isotopologues (isofluxes), we can determine how the turbulent fluxes change due to the contribution and aggregation of distinct fluxes controlled by different landscapes, and therefore, different partitioning properties. This will be further supported by simulating the isofluxes connected to the boundary-layer development using DALES and CLASS. Special attention will be paid to how grasslands and forests at the ecosystem level (see ECOSYSTEMS) react under different cloud, stress (drought) and heatwave conditions.

The CloudRoots representation of processes and their interactions at canopy, landscape and cloud scales

landscape and cloud scales